Monday, November 26, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Melissa Hansmeyer

Melissa Hansmeyer

Melissa started her racing career at 4 1/2 years old at the track in Banner, Illinois. She raced there for many years then they started traveling to many different states to race. As she looks back she is now able to see all of her accomplishments and progress throughout her young career. They've raced tracks in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. According to her father, Kevin, "Some were good trips, some we try to forget." 

Melissa won her first points championship at K3 Speedway in Kankakee, IL. In 2012 she ran with the Burris Thunder Tour as her main racing program. The series runs in Indiana and Illinois. She rand the JR3 clone which is the12 to 15 age bracket. After the tour was over she had one win, a second, a third and a fourth place finishes. She won the points championship. It was a great accomplishment especially since she was the youngest driver in the class!

In the middle of the year she and her father went out to watch the late model races at their home track, Spoon River Speedway in Banner, IL. Melissa asked her parents if they would ever let her race a "big car." After many nights of discussions her parents decided to sell all of the karting equipment to buy a car. They spoke with many drivers and car owners in the crate late model class and came to the conclusion that it would be the best option for their team. Melissa and her parents feel that Mike and Evan Fink, Morey and Brad Denny, Ed and Nick Bauman are some of the best in the midwest car owners and drivers. They have given Melissa and her team help and support throughout this process.

Melissa was able to run most of the 2012 season and she and her 9M Racing team would like to thank everyone for their support in the past and in the future.


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