Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Victoria & Tara White

Victoria & Tara White

Victoria and Tara White are a sister race team. They have been racing karts since April 2011. This past season they raced Dover Power Clone engines in the Jr. Clone class at Cove Valley Speedway. These sisters support each other and feel that racing has made their bond stronger.
GirlsRace2: What made you decide to start racing?
Victoria: I decided I wanted to race because I figured it would be something we could all do together as a family and it might be tons of fun. I have been around racing all my life pretty much, we watch NASCAR races with dad and we occasionally went to the local dirt track to watch the cars race, I always found an interest in it. I like adventure and thrill and I thought racing would be a great way to enjoy that.
Tara: I decided to start racing because I saw a race one time and it looked like fun. I never said anything to my parents because I figured it would be a no, but a couple months later my mom approached us with the idea of racing, and it all started from there.

GirlsRace2: What is like racing with your sister?

Victoria: My sister and I have actually only raced together in the same class one time and it was actually a lot of fun, but we're at the track together every Saturday in basically the same way. During each others races we cheer and hope for a win and after we give advice to each other. We used to fight a lot because we're so close in age (13 months) but I think racing has helped us get along, we still have our moments but for the most part we do get along.

Tara: Racing with my sister is quite interesting at times. We use to fight a lot but racing has helped us work together. So overall our relationship has grown to be a lot better.

GirlsRace2: What are your recent racing accomplishments?

Victoria: This past 2012 racing season was my best. I accomplished a lot I never thought I would. I was on the podium every single week except for one. I finished my season with 2 feature wins, 2 heat race wins and 15 top 5's. I ended the season with getting a 2nd place points finish for the 2nd year in a row and was awarded "Most Improved Driver" for 2012 at Cove Valley Speedway (my home track).

Tara: My most recent racing accomplishment for the 2012 season was 12 feature wins, 4 second place, and 14 top five finishes. Overall I got Track Champion in the Restricted Clone class.

GirlsRace2: What are your goals for the upcoming race season?

Victoria: My goals for the upcoming season is to be a better driver and try to get Track Champion. Also I will be racing with my sister in the same class the whole season so I would like to work with her so we can get a lot of 1-2 finishes.

Tara: My goals for the upcoming season are just to show the boys up again this year and push my sister to the front so she can get her 1st track championship in 2013.

GirlsRace2: Are there any other things you'd like to share about your racing careers?

Victoria: My racing career has been amazing so far. I never thought I would be where I am and accomplishing the things I have. I hope to keep racing as long as I can because now I have race fuel in my blood and any racer out there would agree that it's something you can't get rid, it's a love you have forever.

Tara: I have learned a lot of things from racing, things I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

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