Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Athletic Apparel




Company to raise funds through Kickstarter campaign for product manufacturing

GRAND RAPIDS, Mi., Aug. 1, 2013 – Shefit, a Michigan-based start-up athletic apparel company, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to secure first production run and manufacture its U.S.A. made introductory line, including the adjustable Shefit sports bra.

Designer/Creator, Sara Marie crafted SheFit more than 10 years ago while pregnant with her first daughter and struggling with breast pain that caused her workouts to lose intensity.
“I was so self-conscious and frustrated every time I went to the gym to run or do anything high impact because my chest started to define what I was capable of doing,” said Sara Marie Owner/Creator of SheFit.  “After observing other women in the same situation, I created my first prototype with a hot glue gun and Velcro.  Ten years later, we’re ready to launch a patented, fully customizable sports bra geared towards bigger busted women of all ages, to help them feel confident while staying active.”

A woman’s back and shoulders carry the most weight of her breast.  The SheFit™ patented two-inch wide back band gives women comfort and security underneath the bust.   The 15-inch fold-over shoulder straps allows for maximum adjustability.    Women can adjust the fit of the bra based on comfort and intensity of their workout.  SheFit gives women eight inches of adjustability, compared to the standard 1 – 2 inches hook-and-eye fit.  
“If a sportsbra does not provide a truly supportive and comfortable fit, women, including post-surgical patients, won’t wear it,” said Dr. Bengston.  SheFit is the first bra I have found that has the perfect balance of firm support without being overly constrictive. Other bras really miss the mark when it comes to a proper fit.”
Sara hopes to fund her first production run by pre-launching her company through Kickstarter.com, a funding platform for creative projects, Aug. 15 through Sept. 29 Packages for the campaign range from $2 to $2500.  Money raised also will allow Shefit to continue manufacturing in the USA.   Supporters can pledge and be the first to experience SheFit by visiting www.shefitsportsbra.com.

About Sara Marie

Sara has been an advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle since her teenage years.  She carries the titles of Miss Michigan Teen USA (1999), 1st runner up Miss Michigan USA (2001), and as a wife and mother she wore the title of Mrs. Michigan America (2008). Earning these titles led her to the fitness world where she quickly climbed the ranks and created a name for herself.  In 2011, Sara secured top spots in the Fitness America circuit, winning the Arnold Classic (2011) and in the same year earning her pro card leading her to a 3rd place world finish with the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF).

Sara has been featured in several national publications including Success Magazine and as the fitness contributor Pageantry Magazine.  In 2012 she was highlighted in Oxygen Magazine four times, once as a contributor.  Sara resides in Grand Rapids, Mich. with her husband and four daughters.

About SheFit

SheFit™ empowers the strong beauty in every woman by developing athletic apparel with the highest level of support, comfort and style specifically designed to enhance your workout.  Based in Grand Rapids, Mich., SheFit is proudly produced and manufactured in the USA.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Tiana Berkeley


Tiana Berkeley

Tiana Berkeley spent a lot of time at the race track when she was young. One night she went to watch a friend race and decided to give it a shot as well. For three years now she’s been dirt track racing at a track in Republic, WA.  

Tiana’s learned a lot of lessons in racing. Learning to be patient before passing is one of the biggest challenges she has faced. “I try to be patient when racing a lot of other cars so that I don't wreck mine or someone else's. On the dirt, that is very easy to do because you slide around a lot,” she said.

Tiana’s father is her role model and support. According to Tiana she admires him because, “he's a great driver, role model, and father.”

Over the years she has had many great moments. Her proudest accomplishment so far is winning the season championship at Northport last year. She was the first girl ever to win the championship in the 50 year history of the track.

Her goal for this race season is to win the championship at the new track that she’s currently racing at. Tiana’s looks forward to having fun with her racing career and see where it takes her.

To follow Tiana’s racing career “Like” her Facebook Page.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Brittany Loy

Brittany Loy

Brittany Loy has been racing karts for four years. She got her interest in racing from watching her cousin race late models and open wheel modifieds.
Brittany has had both highlights and challenges in her racing career. Her proudest moment is when she completed a 100 lap race. The biggest obstacle that she has faced so far is being involved in a few bad wrecks. She didn’t let that stop her from competing in a sport she loves. According to Brittany, “I realized that I loved racing and would do anything it took to continue in it.”

This season Brittany hopes to win a $500 money race. As for her future she hopes to see herself moving up to mini sprint cars, full sprints or late models.

To learn more about Brittany Loy please follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter: @brittloy4
Facebook: Brittany Loy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driver Spotlight:Taylor Abney

Taylor Abney

Taylor Abney is 15 years old. She currently has two full seasons of racing under her belt. She races flat kart box stock clone in the adult stock heavy class. Taylor’s father raced her entire life until about three years ago when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. At that time he received the devastating news that he could no longer race. Taylor decided to pick up where he left off and continue the family tradition in the sport.
Taylor’s dad has been her inspiration. He is a survivor and is teaching her to she can do anything that she puts her mind to. Her proudest accomplishment in her career is winning six races all in one day and maintaining the lead in points for the championship. She looks forward to moving into stock cars and making her way to the top and hopes to one day participate in NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sports Illustrated Kids: Sportkids of the Month

 A Chance To Be One Of The Sportkids Of The Month

My father in-law handed me a small little piece of paper he ripped out of a magazine. He asked me to submit Ashlee as one of the "Faces in the Crowd." I went online, filled out a quick entry and didn't think much of it.
Maybe a month later I received an email stating that Ashlee was being considered to be one of the Sportskids featured in their magazine. I gave them all the information they were looking for and a picture. Luckily they emailed back and said she would be featured in the July magazine. She was so excited! Her first words were, "We get that magazine in my class at school!" Thank you Grandpa for having such a great idea and thank you SI Kids for making my daughter feel special!!
If you know of an athlete you would like to nominate here is the link: http://www.sikids.com/sportskid

Ravenna Motor Park


Ravenna Motor Park

Ravenna Motor Park is located in Ravenna, Michigan which is between Grand Rapids and Muskegon. We live about a half hour from the track. My husband, Jim, had raced there a time or two when he was young. They race a different type of kart than we have for Ashlee. Jim contacted the track owner and found out that they would allow Ashlee to race her kart there.
When we arrived at the track we were greeted and welcomed by pretty much everyone. With their club they have the kid karts go out all together and basically learn the track and the flags. They don't have a technical "race" but the kids get to go out there with other kids and have fun. It is a short track with many tight turns so it was great practice for Ashlee.
If you are looking for an affordable form of karting in West Michigan I would definitely recommend you checking it out. The track owner is very welcoming and the club members are very friendly. It's a very well kept track and they seem to be quite organized. The whole race day flowed very smooth.


Goodland Grand Prix 2013


Goodland Grand Prix 2013


When we arrived in Goodland, Indiana the skies were blue. It was warm and looked like the rain they predicted was off base. We got our stuff set up then the clouds rolled in and so did the rain. We were hoping that the rain would pass by the next day when our practice began. Unfortunately the rain was there to stay.
We had a few moments of dry spells so Ashlee got a little bit of practice in. We only had one set of rain tires which our nephew Kyle was using for the cadet kart. He was at least able to get out a few more times once in the dry and a practice and qualifying on the wet pavement. It looked like some storms were coming in so we had to call it quits for the day and eliminate the heat races.
That evening after the rain was over we had a great time hanging out with other families and visiting the local fair. Sunday morning when we woke up the rain seemed to be over but of course it showed up by the time Ashlee had to go out for her feature. It was sprinkling when they sent them out. I was really nervous because she had never driven in the rain and she was on her slicks. She spun out a few times and had to be restarted however she still pulled off the win and came back with the kart in one piece (which was a victory as well.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sprint Car Girls

Sprint Car Girls

The Sprint Car Girls concept was established to help a group of ladies promote themselves and their racing to a broader range of audience, as well as attract potential sponsorship opportunities for their individual programs.
The intent of the group is focus on several drivers from a given region or class. They have members spread all across the country, including eight states and Canada! There is a mix of 305, 358, 360 and 410 drivers throughout the group, as well as an up and coming 600cc mini sprint driver. Many of the ladies run multiple divisions, with some even taking the wings off on occasion.
Their members include Lexi Adgate, Ashley Cappetta, Ashley Lewellen, Sarena Paul, Alysha Ruggles, Miranda Throckmorton, Brittany Tresch, Jordan Weaver, April Wilson and Tiffany Wyzard, representing Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington, as well as the Canadian province of Ontario.

Please show your support by visiting their website www.SprintCarGirls.webs.com, “like” their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SprintCarGirls, or Twitter: @sprint_girls, Instagram: @sprintcargirls