Monday, November 26, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Melissa Hansmeyer

Melissa Hansmeyer

Melissa started her racing career at 4 1/2 years old at the track in Banner, Illinois. She raced there for many years then they started traveling to many different states to race. As she looks back she is now able to see all of her accomplishments and progress throughout her young career. They've raced tracks in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. According to her father, Kevin, "Some were good trips, some we try to forget." 

Melissa won her first points championship at K3 Speedway in Kankakee, IL. In 2012 she ran with the Burris Thunder Tour as her main racing program. The series runs in Indiana and Illinois. She rand the JR3 clone which is the12 to 15 age bracket. After the tour was over she had one win, a second, a third and a fourth place finishes. She won the points championship. It was a great accomplishment especially since she was the youngest driver in the class!

In the middle of the year she and her father went out to watch the late model races at their home track, Spoon River Speedway in Banner, IL. Melissa asked her parents if they would ever let her race a "big car." After many nights of discussions her parents decided to sell all of the karting equipment to buy a car. They spoke with many drivers and car owners in the crate late model class and came to the conclusion that it would be the best option for their team. Melissa and her parents feel that Mike and Evan Fink, Morey and Brad Denny, Ed and Nick Bauman are some of the best in the midwest car owners and drivers. They have given Melissa and her team help and support throughout this process.

Melissa was able to run most of the 2012 season and she and her 9M Racing team would like to thank everyone for their support in the past and in the future.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Emilee Riley

Emilee Riley

Emilee Riley has been racing for 4 years. Racing has been a dream of hers for quite some time. "I started gaining the desire to race when I was a little girl. I would always go with my family to all the NASCAR races and I just immediatley knew that was my goal in life,"  Emilee shared. With the help from her family, friends, and all of her sponsors, she was able to pursue her dream at 14 years old. 
Emilee is the first female champion truck driver at Gresham Motorsports park. When asked how it felt to acheive this she said, "When I was told I recieved the 2012 GMP Champion I was so thrilled. It was a dream come true to gain this big accomplishment knowing that it was my first year in the trucks and we had to work our way up to get the opportunity to even try to race." Emilee attributes her success to her team who is constantly making changes to better their cars and her sponsor committments. She hopes to keep racing and to slowly work her way up in her career and one day be in the NASCAR series.
Outside of my racing she loves to ride fourwheelers and hang out with friends, family, and her boyfriend. She was involved in dance at school however she had to give it up to pursue her racing career. Her advice for girl racers, "It is a competition in racing being a female driver, but you just have to keep your head high and know that you can do anything as long as you have the desire too."

Emilee credits her racing success to Jds auto sales (, Rocco`s pub, John Megel`s chevy (, Michael Joe's Graphics (, Palmer Dodge, K.Berger Construction, Inc., MGIRoofing, ZeroedN Photography, and Mary's Monogramming & More, and all of her family and friends whom believe in and support her. She is currently working on a website. Stay tuned for the link. We will share it as soon as it is completed!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Victoria & Tara White

Victoria & Tara White

Victoria and Tara White are a sister race team. They have been racing karts since April 2011. This past season they raced Dover Power Clone engines in the Jr. Clone class at Cove Valley Speedway. These sisters support each other and feel that racing has made their bond stronger.
GirlsRace2: What made you decide to start racing?
Victoria: I decided I wanted to race because I figured it would be something we could all do together as a family and it might be tons of fun. I have been around racing all my life pretty much, we watch NASCAR races with dad and we occasionally went to the local dirt track to watch the cars race, I always found an interest in it. I like adventure and thrill and I thought racing would be a great way to enjoy that.
Tara: I decided to start racing because I saw a race one time and it looked like fun. I never said anything to my parents because I figured it would be a no, but a couple months later my mom approached us with the idea of racing, and it all started from there.

GirlsRace2: What is like racing with your sister?

Victoria: My sister and I have actually only raced together in the same class one time and it was actually a lot of fun, but we're at the track together every Saturday in basically the same way. During each others races we cheer and hope for a win and after we give advice to each other. We used to fight a lot because we're so close in age (13 months) but I think racing has helped us get along, we still have our moments but for the most part we do get along.

Tara: Racing with my sister is quite interesting at times. We use to fight a lot but racing has helped us work together. So overall our relationship has grown to be a lot better.

GirlsRace2: What are your recent racing accomplishments?

Victoria: This past 2012 racing season was my best. I accomplished a lot I never thought I would. I was on the podium every single week except for one. I finished my season with 2 feature wins, 2 heat race wins and 15 top 5's. I ended the season with getting a 2nd place points finish for the 2nd year in a row and was awarded "Most Improved Driver" for 2012 at Cove Valley Speedway (my home track).

Tara: My most recent racing accomplishment for the 2012 season was 12 feature wins, 4 second place, and 14 top five finishes. Overall I got Track Champion in the Restricted Clone class.

GirlsRace2: What are your goals for the upcoming race season?

Victoria: My goals for the upcoming season is to be a better driver and try to get Track Champion. Also I will be racing with my sister in the same class the whole season so I would like to work with her so we can get a lot of 1-2 finishes.

Tara: My goals for the upcoming season are just to show the boys up again this year and push my sister to the front so she can get her 1st track championship in 2013.

GirlsRace2: Are there any other things you'd like to share about your racing careers?

Victoria: My racing career has been amazing so far. I never thought I would be where I am and accomplishing the things I have. I hope to keep racing as long as I can because now I have race fuel in my blood and any racer out there would agree that it's something you can't get rid, it's a love you have forever.

Tara: I have learned a lot of things from racing, things I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

To follow Victoria & Tara's racing careers "Like" their Facebook page!/pages/Dirt-Track-Chix-Racing/111820908913434?fref=ts

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Kaitie McCardle

Kaitie McCardle

Kaitie currently races a sportsman modified at Grandview speedway. She started off racing karts, then raced slingshots and then she raced a SpeedSTR before she moved into the modified. Racing has been a integral part of her entire life. Her dad used to drag race and her grandpa raced motorcycles. Her neighbor, Billy Devine, used to own Craig VonDohren's modified. Billy raced as well. She was just always at the races when she was little. Her parents first date was even at a sprint car race.

When she was nine she went to a go kart race at Shellhammers Speedway. She asked her parents if I could race, and it's been going ever since. Kaitie's favorite thing about racing is winning. When asked about her biggest accomplishment she said, "It is a tie between a few things, first being winning back to back national races in the slingshot, and second being winning the Ronnie Paulson Memorial race with  my hand in a cast. I'm also proud that I won Rookie of the Year in the Sportsman from the Checkered Flag Fan Club."

Kaitie's goal for her racing career, "I just want to race any thing I can, as long as I can. Realistically, the sportsman is about as far as we can afford to go without a lot of help. It would be really awesome to get the chance to run a modified."

Her other hobbies and interests include reading and chemistry. Currently she is studying chemistry at Lebanon Valley College. She really likes learning about new things and trying to understand how things work. She said, "When I'm not racing over the summer, I'm usually working in the shop
trying to get ready for the next race."

Follow Kaitie's success on her website at

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Ariana Holsclaw


Ariana Holsclaw

Ariana Holsclaw is 21 years old and loves dirt track racing. She lives in Elkin, North Carolina. She grew up around racing. When she was only 2 weeks old her parents had her at the hometown track for the first race of the season. When she was 14 years old she started racing karts. She continued to race karts until she was 16 years old. She then moved up to a stock 4 cylinder at Friendship Motor Speedway in 2009. In her rookie year she finished 5th place in points. Every race she was in that season she was in the top 5. In the 2010-11 season she was unable to race after giving birth to her son. In 2012 she was right back in the stock 4 car and won the points championship at Friendship Motor Speedway.

Arianna shared this advice, "The most important things I've learned during my racing career is that hard work and consistancy really pays off. No matter how many people say you can't, you push yourself ten times harder to show them you can!!"

Friday, November 16, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Jami Weimer

Jami Weimer

Jami grew up in a racing family. Her father worked for Richard Petty and raced legend cars. Jami's childhood consisted of spending every Saturday night with her father at the race track and working with him at the shop. According to Jami "Racing was in my blood." Finally in 2010 she decided she was ready to start racing. She started off in bandoleros and was recently offered a Pro Truck ride with Curt Britt Motorsports and team owner Conrad Comton in late August of 2012.

Many people are surprised by the fact that she hasn't been racing long. When she was young, about age 6, her father wanted her to give racing a try but she just wasn't ready yet. Finally she started racing in 2010. This is what she had to share about her career, "I started racing bandoleros at my home track Lanier Soeedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway. I ran one full season (about 30 races)  in bandoleros winning 10 of the races, coming in 2nd in championship points, and also winning Georgia grand championship. After my successful rookie year, we decided to move to legend cars. I only ran about 10 races in 2011, focusing on rebuilding the car so I could compete competitively in 2012. During the 2012 season I competed the full 10 week shootout at Atlanta motor Speedway, and a half season shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I got 7th place points in Atlanta with multiple top 5s and a high of 2nd place (3 times) and got 4th place in overall Georgia state championship points. After my once again successful rookie year in legends, I was approached by the best truck team in Georgia, owned by Curt Britt and team owner Conrad Comton and was offered a truck ride for the 2013 season."

I asked Jami about her proudest moment in her career. "My proudest moment in my career was my truck debut at Gresham motorsports Park on October 13 of this year. I would run my first truck race with my new team (Curt Britt motorsports and team owner Conrad Comton). It had only been my second time driving a full bodied race car on such a fast 1/2 track like Gresham. And once again, the first practice session I was 4th on the speed charts, running faster than some 3-5 year veterans! I started 9th out of a 13 car field due to my inexperience and quickly drove myself up to fourth place position. I was about to pass for third place at lap 50 of 75 when we experienced mechanical issues and I would not be able to finish. Although I didn't get the results I wanted, I feel like I impressed a lot of people, even impressing myself with how good I ran in my first race."
What's next for Jami? "My 2013 session is not totally clear as to how many races I will be competing in as it depends on sponsorship. We will be totally focused on trucks and will be traveling throughout the southeast to compete in some big truck races. My ultimate goal in racing would be to compete in one of the top 3 divisions of the NASCAR ranks and encourage other females to persue their  dreams."

Jami's advice for other girl racers out there, "My advice to other females would be to never give up, even if people make fun of you saying you can't drive or your not good enough. Make their words turn you into a better person and a faster race car driver."

What sets Jami apart from other drivers? "I feel like something that sets me apart from other drivers would be my desire and will to learn and succeed as a female driver. Although I know I don't know everything about my car to work on it myself, I am at the shop whenever possible to try to learn about the cars to help myself become a better racer. Although sometimes I probably get in the way more than help, I can say I have become an excellent shop cleaner! Even just the little things being in the shop and helping makes me a more focused driver when we get to the race track and I can appreciate everything that must happen for a race to be successful."

Thank you Jami we look forward to watching your career continue to take off!!

Follow Jami Weimer and her career on her website at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Taylor Florio

Taylor Florio

Taylor Florio drives the #21T Jr. Mini Stock Class car.  Her home track is Heart O' Texas Speedway but she can also be found racing at I-35 Kartway.  She lives in Kempner, TX.

Team members helping Taylor are:  Mom, Dad, Ricky Reid, Chad Kipp. Chris Florio is the car owner.

Taylor started racing in 2008 in the Go Kart Class at I-35 Kartway for fun and because her Dad races.  Her first win was in '08 in the Beginner Box Stock Class at I-35 Kartway.  Career highlights include '09 Box Stock Championship in Go Karts at I-35 Kartway, '10 Box Stock Championship in Go Karts at I-35 Kartway, '10 Restricted Animal Championship in Go Karts at I-35 Kartway, '10 Pure Stock Championship at Lone Star Shootout.

The thrill of racing for Taylor is beating the boys.  Her most exciting racing moment was when she won her first Go Kart race.  She's most proud of winning 3 Kart Championships.

Taylor's racing hero is her Dad, Chris Florio.

Of racing, Taylor says, "It is exciting and fun!"

2008 Season (Go Kart Racing)    
Track: I-35 Kartway
Class: Beginner Box Stock
3 Feature Wins
7 Heat Wins

Beginner Box Stock "King of the Hill" Winner
End of Season: 3rd Place in Beginner Box Stock

2009 Season (Go Kart Racing)
Track:  I-35 Kartway
Class: Box Stock
9 Feature Wins
17 Heat Wins

End of Season: Box Stock Champion

Track:  4th Annual Santa Shootout Race in Graham, Texas
Class:  2nd Place Finish in Stock Intek Class

2010 Season (Go Kart Racing)
Track: I-35 Kartway
Class: Box Stock
26 Races:
17 Feature Wins
21 Heat Wins

End of Season: Box Stock Champion (Back-to-Back Class Champion)
Track: I-35 Kartway
Class:  Gold Plate Restricted Animal
27 Races:
20 Feature Wins
21 Heat Wins
End of Season:  Gold Plate Restricted Animal Champion

Track: Lone Star Kart Nationals in Wichita Falls, Texas
Class: Stock Intek Class Champion

Track: 5th Annual Santa Shootout Race in Graham, Texas
Class:  3rd Place Finish in Stock Intek Class
Class:  2nd Place Finish in Animal Gold Plate

Track: KAM Kartway in Rhome, Texas
Class:  2nd Place Finish in Animal Gold Plate

2011 Season (Go Kart Racing)
Track: I-35 Kartway
Class: Animal
23 Races:
7 Feature Wins
15 Heat Wins
End of Season: 2nd Place in Animal

Track: 2nd Annual Lone Star Kart Nationals in Wichita Falls, Texas
Class:  2nd Place in Stock Animal Heavy Class
Class:  3rd Place in Stock Intek Class

Track: 6th Annual Santa Shootout Race in Graham, Texas
Class:  2nd Place in Stock Animal Heavy Class

July 2011 Started Racing Jr. Mini Stock Class at Heart O Texas Speedway in Elm Mott, Texas
9 Races:
1 Feature Win
5 Top 5 Finishes
End of Season:  4th Place in Jr. Mini Stock Class

2012 Season (Go Kart Racing)
Track:  3rd Annual Lone Star Kart Nationals in Wichita Falls, Texas
Class:  3rd Place in Stock Animal Heavy Class (Great End to Go-Kart Racing)

Track:  Heart O Texas Speedway in Elm Mott, Texas
Class: Jr. Mini Stock

As of 7/22/12:  18 Races:
3 Feature Wins
4 - 2nd Place Finishes
7 - 3rd Place Finishes
2 - 4th Place Finishes
1 - 5th Place Finish


27 Races total
5 Total Wins
22 Total Top 5's 
1 Total Top 10

RACING GOALS:  To continue racing and learning in the Jr Mini Stock Class for the next few seasons, working towards winning a Championship before moving to the Southern Sport Mod Class.

Special thank you to for supplying the information on this exciting young driver!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Reason For Becoming a Race Fan

I met my husband Jim when I was 16 years old and a sophmore in high school. Jim was a senior basketball player and I was a cheerleader. Cheerleading was my passion. Jim loved basketball but his passion was racing. That summer I was able to watch him race a time or two. He was racing karts out at East Lansing Kart Track, in East Lansing, MI. He also raced a street race in Indiana that I went along to with his family. Of course I cheered him on but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Jim had a life long dream of racing midgets. He finally had an opportunity to buy and race a midget. We all traveled to Grundy Speedway just outside of Chicago every weekend. Jim's racing was self-funded so it was extremely stressful and expensive. He was doing well but he was over his head mechanically with the car, and a few costly crashes made it difficult for him to be able to continue financing his racing career. Racing would have to be on hold in our lives.

We got married in 2002. Jim raced a couple of kart street races after that but mostly we just went about normal life without racing. We had our first child Ashlee in 2005. I was so excited to have a girl! I would have my little cheerleader. In 2008 we welcomed our 2nd daughter Aubree. Jim had hope that one of his girls would like racing. To my dismay both of my girls have interst in racing, not cheerleading. In 2012 we began our racing journey again. My oldest daughter Ashlee and my nephew Kyle both started their racing careers in kid karts and Aubree is looking forward to starting in 2013. I have whole heartedly embraced this journey. I am after all a cheerleader at heart right??? Who better to cheer for than my girls (my nephew) and other girls out there racing? I have poured my heart and soul into this blog hoping that it can be a resource for other parents and girl drivers out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Liz Opatic

Driver Spotlight: Victorya Truemner

Victorya Truemner

Victorya is ten years old. After watching her grandpa race karts she decided to give it a try. Her racing career began when she was only 5 years old. She chose the number 10 because her great grandpa and grandpa both had that number, even though her dad was number 48. Victorya is a fourth generation driver. With much talent and drive, she is set out to become a professional race car driver.

In her rookie year 2008 she won two heat races and finished 4th in points at Arthur speedway. In 2009 she had 26 heat wins and 9 feature wins, Clio indoor track champ, 4th in points at Vestaburg Speedway, Lynn McQueen memorial winner 11 in points at Arthur raceway. In 2010 she had 14 feature wins, 22 heat wins, 2nd in points in purple gas and 7th in points in purple alky at Arthur raceway and won Michigan state championship. In 2011 she did lots of traveling. 2 feature wins 10 heat wins 5th in points at Arthur 6 th in gold plate at Arthur, 7th purple plate exp at Owosso and 7th purple plate at Vestaburg Speedway. 2012 she went on a dominating year 18 feature wins 42 heat wins 2012 purple clone track championship at Owosso Kart Speedway. Ran Arthur speedway 7 times winning 5 of them finishing 6 th in points. Also winning the first ever feature of the new Michigan Midwest indoor racing series.

Coming up in 2013 Victorya will be racing karts at bigger money shows and making her debut in fwd stock cars at age 10. Her name is victory with an "a" and she wears it well.

Follow Victorya's career on her Facebook page:!/VictoryaTruemnerRacing?fref=ts

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Katelyn Weatherly

Katelyn Weatherly

Where does Katelyn Brianna Weatherly get her drive from?

Katelyn is the great niece of NASCAR Legend - JOE WEATHERLY
Besides her great Uncle Joe Weatherly, her great grandfather, Marshall Weatherly competed in 5 NASCAR races in 1955; her grandfather, Dennis Weatherly was not only a highly rated dirt driver in the Bobby Weatherly, Katelyn's father; at 10 years old, he was ranked #2 nationally racing go karts; He started racing Street Stocks at Volusia County Speedway and progressed to Pro Late Model in 2010.

2010 is where Katelyn got the bug to drive; her parents put her in a Bandolero, and the rest is history; In spite of running head on into the wall in her first race. Katelyn is convinced that eventually she wants the Weatherly family name back in the NASCAR history books.
At 12 Years old has been racing Bandaleros for a full year; her current career stats are:

Zero - DNF
3 - 2nd Place
8 - 3rd Place
20 - Top Tens

Ranked in the Top 50 Nationally

Won championship @ Cordele Speedway

5th in points @ Atlanta Motor Speedway

3rd in points @ Lanier Speedway
Thank you for supplying the information on this exciting young driver!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Emily Gwyn

Emily Gwyn

Emily is 17 years old she's been dirt track racing since 2009 at Rolling Thunder Raceway out of Ararat, Va and Friendship Speedway out of Elkin, NC. She started racing because of her dad. Her father has had a long career in racing. She was raised at the track and spent nearly every weekend there watching her father since she was able to walk. Her father has passed down his racing knowledge to her "from wheeling a race car around the track to every tick underneath the hood." She knew she was going to carry on the family tradition she even took on the family racing number 49.

To Emily racing in not only a sport, it is her entire life. Accrding to Emily she eats, breathes, and sleeps racing. "Being a girl, I had to fight since I first climbed in a race car to get where I am today," she said. What makes Emily unique is that every blood sweat and tear put into her cars is completed by her and her father. She said, "I've been told that if a woman could make it in NASCAR, I'd be the one to do it."

She currently races in the stock 4 cylinder class at both tracks. She owns two race cars and will soon own a third one. She has her own racing team, Outlaw Motorsports. Her team currently consists of 2 drivers, herself and her boyfriend, Kenny Sapp. Every race she races for breast cancer awareness. I asked her why this fight is near and dear to her heart. "I race with the ribbon because I have seen many women and men go through the fight. My boyfriends grandfather had to fight cancer and its a problem that I wish we all could solve. Its somethings that I think all women should support and stand behind. Me being a woman of racing, not only do I support all women drivers that have to fight for a win but also all the women who fight cancer! Maybe if a woman struggling seen the ribbon on my race car along with more race cars, it would give them more hope and strength to keep fighting their fight! Race with the ribbon!"

This season she had over 7 top 5 finishes and 5 top 10 finishes and her first win! Her racing team has many plans for the 2013 season at Friendship Speedway. She said "I couldn't be where i am today without the support of my parents, boyfriend, friends, family, and FANS!"

To learn more about Emily Gwyn please visit or follow her on her Facebook page:!/pages/Emily-Gwyn-Racing-EGR/159893167373639?fref=ts

Monday, November 5, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Faith Schuch

Flyin' Faith Schuch

Faith is 9 years old and races karts primarily at Vestaburg Kart speedway in Vestaburg, Michigan. She just finished her 4th season in racing.
This is what she had to say about racing. "I love it! When I go to the track I get really excited! I just want to race!!! I am like any other girl. I like school, hanging out with friends, Tinkerbell and horses. Only difference is I am going to be a Nascar racer with a horse ranch! So far I have raced at my home track Vestaburg Kart speedway (VKS) for points. I have also raced at Owosso Kart speedway (OKS) not for points, just more experience. I also traveled to Ohio and raced at Little E, at Eldora Speedway 1 time. In the winter I raced in Grand Rapids at the Deltaplex Arena."
Here is a list of Faith's racing accomplishments:

-Rookie Year
-4th in points at VKS
-Most improved driver

-Track Champion at VKS
-Driver of the year
-Sportsman of the year
-7 feature wins

-Track Champion at VKS

-Over 30 wins including 9 feature wins
-Raced at 4 tracks in 2011
-Finished 2nd in points at VKS
Her most recent racing accomplishment from this weekend: She qualified 3rd fastest, finished 3rd in the heat race and 2nd in the feature at the Perani during the Midwest Indoor Racing Series event!
Thank you for sharing your story Faith!! We can't wait to see where your racing career takes you. To follow Flyin' Faith's career you can visit her website or follow her Facebook page at


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goals, Goals, Goals

What Are Your Goals?

Our goals for our daughter changed throughout the season. First we were shocked by how much interest in driving the kart she developed after driving it in the parking lot only once. The first time we brought her to the track we had no idea what to expect. She barely was able to make it through the practices, heat races and was extremely slow in the feature. Our first goal for her was basically to make it through the races without getting lapped 4 times. As she progressed so did our goals. Eventually our goal was for her to win. She did win. In her first year of her racing career she won 2 features and had many second and third place finishes by the end of the season.
Next year our goal for her is to learn to develop her driving skills. She needs to mature and learn more of the technical aspects of racing. Hopefully this will lead to more wins. The ultimate goal for 2013 is to have a great final year in kid karts and prepare her for the advancement into the junior sportsman class in 2014. We also have goals for our youngest daughter. She would like to start racing kid karts next year. In 2013 we want her to learn what it's like driving the kart and being out on the track verus watching from the sidelines.

I believe goals are important in many aspects of life. Racing is no different. I asked a few of my Driver Spotlight girls to weigh in their thoughts on this subject. Here is what Katrina Sautbine, Samantha Jansen, and Courtney Atkinson had to say about their goals.

Girls Race 2: Do you set goals?

Katrina: I do set goals. At the beginning of each season my dad and I talk about the goals that we want to accomplish over the summer. After going into each race I also set a goal. This year my goal at each race was to have to scale in each race. That meant placing in the top 3 in the heat races and placing in the top 5 in the feature races. This seemed like a reasonable goal, I like to set goals that I know are achievable.

Samantha: Yes I do set goals for each season.

Courtney: I always set goals.  I feel that if someone doesn't set goals they don't really improve themselves.

Girls Race 2: How important are goals for you in your racing career?

Katrina: I think that goals in my racing career are rather important. If no goals are set then you don't have something to work towards. Ever since I started racing my goal/dream has been to get into a sprint car. Now that I am in a wingless sprint my goal is to get into winged sprint car.

Samantha: I think it is important to set goals so there is something to work towards.

Courtney: Goals are very important in my racing career. I feel accomplished when I set a goal and reach it either during the race weekend or at then end of the season.

Girls Race 2: Do you set your goals at the beginning of the season?

Katrina: At the beginning of each season my dad and I will set goals for us for the season. Going into this racing season we wanted to win a race. It wasn't looking like this was going to happen until the last night of the Badger State Championship when I won my first race in a Sprint Car, it wasn't a feature race, but winning a heat race was still a very big achievement for me.

Samantha: Yes I usually set goals at the end of the previous season for the next season.

Courtney: My main goals are set at the beginning of the season. If I have troubles one weekend or make a mistake, I set a personal goal to fix what I did wrong for the next race weekend.

Girls Race 2: Do you adjust them as the season progresses? 

Katrina: I do have to adjust my goals throughout the racing season. Something might seem like a reasonable before the season starts but as the season goes on the goal that you set might be to easy of a goal, or might for some reason become unattainable.

Samantha: Not usually. I could see people adjusting them if new opportunities arose.

Courtney: If I am doing very well through out the season we change classes and try something different and set a goal for that specific class.

Girls Race 2: Are your goals small steps or do you go for the gusto?

Katrina: I have some smaller goals like placing in a certain position in a race, and then there are other goals like winning a race that seem bigger to me. I don't go into a season thinking that I am going to win the points championship or anything like that right away but if it were to happen it would feel that much better because it was above and beyond what my original goal was.

Samantha: Usually my goals are within reach but are something that I need to work towards. For Example this year my goals were to get Rookie of the Year and a top 3 finish in the Top Speed Modified Championship.

Courtney: I definitely set my goals high.  I am not sure why I do but I suppose I feel its either go big or go home.

To read more about Katrina Sautbine please click here:

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