Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Victorya Truemner

Victorya Truemner

Victorya is ten years old. After watching her grandpa race karts she decided to give it a try. Her racing career began when she was only 5 years old. She chose the number 10 because her great grandpa and grandpa both had that number, even though her dad was number 48. Victorya is a fourth generation driver. With much talent and drive, she is set out to become a professional race car driver.

In her rookie year 2008 she won two heat races and finished 4th in points at Arthur speedway. In 2009 she had 26 heat wins and 9 feature wins, Clio indoor track champ, 4th in points at Vestaburg Speedway, Lynn McQueen memorial winner 11 in points at Arthur raceway. In 2010 she had 14 feature wins, 22 heat wins, 2nd in points in purple gas and 7th in points in purple alky at Arthur raceway and won Michigan state championship. In 2011 she did lots of traveling. 2 feature wins 10 heat wins 5th in points at Arthur 6 th in gold plate at Arthur, 7th purple plate exp at Owosso and 7th purple plate at Vestaburg Speedway. 2012 she went on a dominating year 18 feature wins 42 heat wins 2012 purple clone track championship at Owosso Kart Speedway. Ran Arthur speedway 7 times winning 5 of them finishing 6 th in points. Also winning the first ever feature of the new Michigan Midwest indoor racing series.

Coming up in 2013 Victorya will be racing karts at bigger money shows and making her debut in fwd stock cars at age 10. Her name is victory with an "a" and she wears it well.

Follow Victorya's career on her Facebook page:!/VictoryaTruemnerRacing?fref=ts

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