Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Kaitie McCardle

Kaitie McCardle

Kaitie currently races a sportsman modified at Grandview speedway. She started off racing karts, then raced slingshots and then she raced a SpeedSTR before she moved into the modified. Racing has been a integral part of her entire life. Her dad used to drag race and her grandpa raced motorcycles. Her neighbor, Billy Devine, used to own Craig VonDohren's modified. Billy raced as well. She was just always at the races when she was little. Her parents first date was even at a sprint car race.

When she was nine she went to a go kart race at Shellhammers Speedway. She asked her parents if I could race, and it's been going ever since. Kaitie's favorite thing about racing is winning. When asked about her biggest accomplishment she said, "It is a tie between a few things, first being winning back to back national races in the slingshot, and second being winning the Ronnie Paulson Memorial race with  my hand in a cast. I'm also proud that I won Rookie of the Year in the Sportsman from the Checkered Flag Fan Club."

Kaitie's goal for her racing career, "I just want to race any thing I can, as long as I can. Realistically, the sportsman is about as far as we can afford to go without a lot of help. It would be really awesome to get the chance to run a modified."

Her other hobbies and interests include reading and chemistry. Currently she is studying chemistry at Lebanon Valley College. She really likes learning about new things and trying to understand how things work. She said, "When I'm not racing over the summer, I'm usually working in the shop
trying to get ready for the next race."

Follow Kaitie's success on her website at http://kaitiemccardle.com/.

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