Friday, November 16, 2012

Driver Spotlight: Jami Weimer

Jami Weimer

Jami grew up in a racing family. Her father worked for Richard Petty and raced legend cars. Jami's childhood consisted of spending every Saturday night with her father at the race track and working with him at the shop. According to Jami "Racing was in my blood." Finally in 2010 she decided she was ready to start racing. She started off in bandoleros and was recently offered a Pro Truck ride with Curt Britt Motorsports and team owner Conrad Comton in late August of 2012.

Many people are surprised by the fact that she hasn't been racing long. When she was young, about age 6, her father wanted her to give racing a try but she just wasn't ready yet. Finally she started racing in 2010. This is what she had to share about her career, "I started racing bandoleros at my home track Lanier Soeedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway. I ran one full season (about 30 races)  in bandoleros winning 10 of the races, coming in 2nd in championship points, and also winning Georgia grand championship. After my successful rookie year, we decided to move to legend cars. I only ran about 10 races in 2011, focusing on rebuilding the car so I could compete competitively in 2012. During the 2012 season I competed the full 10 week shootout at Atlanta motor Speedway, and a half season shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I got 7th place points in Atlanta with multiple top 5s and a high of 2nd place (3 times) and got 4th place in overall Georgia state championship points. After my once again successful rookie year in legends, I was approached by the best truck team in Georgia, owned by Curt Britt and team owner Conrad Comton and was offered a truck ride for the 2013 season."

I asked Jami about her proudest moment in her career. "My proudest moment in my career was my truck debut at Gresham motorsports Park on October 13 of this year. I would run my first truck race with my new team (Curt Britt motorsports and team owner Conrad Comton). It had only been my second time driving a full bodied race car on such a fast 1/2 track like Gresham. And once again, the first practice session I was 4th on the speed charts, running faster than some 3-5 year veterans! I started 9th out of a 13 car field due to my inexperience and quickly drove myself up to fourth place position. I was about to pass for third place at lap 50 of 75 when we experienced mechanical issues and I would not be able to finish. Although I didn't get the results I wanted, I feel like I impressed a lot of people, even impressing myself with how good I ran in my first race."
What's next for Jami? "My 2013 session is not totally clear as to how many races I will be competing in as it depends on sponsorship. We will be totally focused on trucks and will be traveling throughout the southeast to compete in some big truck races. My ultimate goal in racing would be to compete in one of the top 3 divisions of the NASCAR ranks and encourage other females to persue their  dreams."

Jami's advice for other girl racers out there, "My advice to other females would be to never give up, even if people make fun of you saying you can't drive or your not good enough. Make their words turn you into a better person and a faster race car driver."

What sets Jami apart from other drivers? "I feel like something that sets me apart from other drivers would be my desire and will to learn and succeed as a female driver. Although I know I don't know everything about my car to work on it myself, I am at the shop whenever possible to try to learn about the cars to help myself become a better racer. Although sometimes I probably get in the way more than help, I can say I have become an excellent shop cleaner! Even just the little things being in the shop and helping makes me a more focused driver when we get to the race track and I can appreciate everything that must happen for a race to be successful."

Thank you Jami we look forward to watching your career continue to take off!!

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