Friday, August 17, 2012

Driver Spotlight- Courtney Jo Atkinson

I had the wonderful opportunity to get in touch with a very talented driver named Courtney Jo Atkinson. She was very gracoius about sharing information about her racing career.

Every weekend Courtney Jo Atkinson would watch her father race his dirt late model. Eventually she decided she no longer wanted to be just a spectator. Courtney's racing career began in 2006 at a local sprint track (Badger Kart Club in Dousman, WI). Soon enough she got bored and wanted to go faster; so she joined the Championship Enduro Series (road racing) and traveled around the Mid-West states to race. A year later she found WKA's road racing series and has been racing with them since 2008.

Courtney's favorite thing about racing is that she is able to spend time with her father and have a blast while doing it. It has been their way to bond for years. She also loves just being at the track. When she is there she feels like she has stepped into a whole new world. "It almost seems I can be one with the kart and clear my head and just concentrate and what is in front of me and what my next move will be." Courtney has a lot to be proud of in her career, she is the only woman in WKA Road Race history to win two triple crowns. She was very excited about winning the first one but the second one according to Courtney was "just amazing!!!"

Courtney is definately someone for other girl racers to look up to. She has this advice to share with other girls out there racing, "Never give up. It gets hard and the boys will try and bully you, but that only means that they are scared or intimidated by you. Give it your all and show the boys you are just as tough as they are. You'll get their respect in the long run."

Thank you so much Courtney for sharing your experience and advice!! We are amazed at your career and wish you all the best for your future success. Here are a few more articles about Courtney.


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