Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Racing...where to begin

Your daughter has interest in racing. Where do you begin? Well I can only speak from experience in go kart racing. I'm sure other forms of racing are very similar. Here are my words of advice.

1) First you will have to find the closest racing track. The WKA website could be helpful Here is the link for tracks Many local tracks will have lessons. This may be a great first step in deciding whether or not racing is something your child will want to pursue.

2) Type of gear/apparel needed: Racing gloves, fireproof jacket with jeans or racing suit, high top tennis shoes or racing shoes, helmet, chest protector. A few good places to look for this gear is,, or

3) Type of kart you will need will depend on what type of racing you are looking to do and the age of your child. It would be good to some research the WKA website and talk to the people who run your local race track to see what type of karts they race and what their rules are. Many of them use the WKA tech guidelines.

Good luck!!

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