Friday, July 26, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Tiana Berkeley


Tiana Berkeley

Tiana Berkeley spent a lot of time at the race track when she was young. One night she went to watch a friend race and decided to give it a shot as well. For three years now she’s been dirt track racing at a track in Republic, WA.  

Tiana’s learned a lot of lessons in racing. Learning to be patient before passing is one of the biggest challenges she has faced. “I try to be patient when racing a lot of other cars so that I don't wreck mine or someone else's. On the dirt, that is very easy to do because you slide around a lot,” she said.

Tiana’s father is her role model and support. According to Tiana she admires him because, “he's a great driver, role model, and father.”

Over the years she has had many great moments. Her proudest accomplishment so far is winning the season championship at Northport last year. She was the first girl ever to win the championship in the 50 year history of the track.

Her goal for this race season is to win the championship at the new track that she’s currently racing at. Tiana’s looks forward to having fun with her racing career and see where it takes her.

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