Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Glass Hammer Racing Experience


The Glass Hammer Racing Experience

Greg Gaich has always loved racing he wanted to share his passion for the sport with his 3 girls. Since he did not have expereince in the kart racing arena he sought out a racing school that would basically be the motorsports equivilant of a YMCA program. Sadly he soon found out that no such thing existed. That's where the concept for Glass Hammer Racing began. His school is now in their 3rd year of existance. They are located in Indianapolis, IN. The unique concept of this school is that it is female drivers teaching female students. The exciting thing about this is that girls are able to actually see there is a future for women drivers in this sport. Their teachers are out there succeeding they have that potential as well. The Glass Hammer Experience has 3 stages from beginner to advance (http://ghrexperience.org).

The goal of the school is to not only develop drivers but to also help girls realize there is a place for females in all aspects of the sport. Most recently they had a girl scout troup earn their way to experience the class. The girls had a blast. You can read about it on his blog (http://blog.beatbyagirl.org).

I love their mission and their dedication to young girls. Below is their mission statement. It's extremely important to them. 

Glass Hammers' Mission Statement is as follows:

The Glass Hammer Racing LLC was created to encourage the interest and participation of young women in motorsports. We will do this by:
  1. Developing and sponsoring introductory racing experiences geared just to young women. They will provide a completely positive and supportive environment that will give a young woman a chance to develop her driving skills, have fun, and come away with the huge smile and second helping of self-esteem that motorsports can bring. They will include both off-track and on-track instruction tailored to each young woman’s skill level.
  2. Exposing young women to role models in all areas of motorsports. Not everyone can be a driver, or even wants to. But there are women in virtually every aspect of motorsports from engineering to marketing to team owners. We’d like to make a career in motorsports a viable option in a young woman’s mind. There’s nothing more powerful than the “I want to grow up to be just like her” moment to spark anyone’s interest in a career.
  3. Supporting the advancement of young women in their motorsports careers through scholarships and sponsorships. Whether it’s a formal education in engineering or the on-track driving experience and coaching needed to become a professional driver, it doesn’t come cheap. We’d like to help advance the careers of young women in motorsports who will become the role models and inspiration for the next generation of little girls.

For more information on the Glass Hammer Experience please visit their website at http://www.beatbyagirl.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/glasshammerracing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlassHamrRacing

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