Thursday, February 28, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Rylee Michaelson

Rylee Michaelson

Rylee Michaelson has an impressive resume in the race world. She began racing when she was 19 years old and is going into her 4th year of her racing career. She got her interest in racing as a spectator just like everyone else in the stands. She loved going to the track for the different events and decided that instead of being a bystander she needed to be a part of the action. She took her mom's old daily driver and turned it into a race car. According to Rylee, "This car was slow heavy and all wrong for racing but it got me hooked."

Rylee enjoys many aspects of racing. "My favorite thing about racing is that when you're on the track the competition is at its highest and everyone has come to win but the second you are off the track everyone, even direct opponents, are willing to help you build your car and give you tips on settings and such. The family component of racing is what makes racing very unique and special." She has been racing for four years and had several accomplishments. Her proudest moment was when she won her first heat race, the same day that she and her team were awarded the best appearing car and crew. "It took me along time to receive a trophy and that day I took home two. It was a great feeling."

Outside of racing Rylee is a strong advocate for a good education. She just graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. She is also an active participant at her local church, River Valley Church.

Rylee would someday love opportunity to race in any open-wheeled car series. "They are so light and so fast. There really isn't much there other then the motor, the tires and the driver. I think that would be an awesome experience." Her advice for other female drivers, "In summing up all that I have learned in my four years of racing I would have to say to young girls - not only on the topic of motor sports but in all areas if life -  don't *EVER* give up on your dreams. I promise you that a day will come when someone doesn't believe in your abilities. When that day comes, take a step back and ask yourself, 'Am I willing to let this person change the course of my life for the worst simply because they lack the dreams and strengths that I have spent my entire life building?' My hope is that the answer, for all girls who aspire to be something unique and truly special, is no. Philippians 4:13, *ALL* things are possible."

Here is a list of Rylee's Accomplishments:

*2010*:    Seventeenth in points (NASCAR Whelen Series, Raceway Park Shakopee)

*2011*:    Tenth in Points (NASCAR Whelen Series, Raceway Park Shakopee)

Attended BIR Performance Driving School

Top 100 in the Nation (NASCAR Finalist Program, All American Series Division V- Asphalt)

Interviewed by Women of the Wild Outdoor

Appeared in Shakopee Days Parade with my race car

Savage/Burnsville Local papers

Image appeared in the Star Tribune in BIR article

Modeled for Brainerd International Raceway

Featured on Race for Girls website

 *2012*:   Tenth in Points (NASCAR Whelen Series, Raceway Park Shakopee)

Top 100 in the Nation (NASCAR Program, All American Series Division V-Asphalt)

Best Appearing Car and Crew award (Raceway Park Shakopee)

Won 5 heat races, Raceway Park Shakopee

Featured in Midwest Racing Connection for heat race win

Savage/Burnsville Local papers

Attended BIR Performance Driving School

Became an instructor for the Monticello Rotary Club, Teen Accident Avoidance Class

Featured on Race for Girls website

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