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Driver Spotlight: Alyssa Lasater

Alyssa Lasater

Alyssa Lasater is going into her 10th year of racing. In 2003 after watching her brother race she decided she wanted to give racing a try as well. She had to make the sacrifice of giving up her other competitive sports however she felt it was well worth it. Alyssa was good enough to take the time to answer some questions.

Girls Race 2: You've been racing for over 10 years and have had many successes. What is your favorite accomplishment?

Alyssa: Oh wow, I have so many. I have two I'll share, its hard to pick. The first one, I went to my first ever National Event in Batesville, Mississippi in 2011 and i finished 5th out of 19 karts being the only female to get a podium finish that weekend. My second one, came that same year, I traveled to Emma Raceway for race number 1 in the Chain Draggone Dirt Series and I didn't start the night off on the right foot. I was under weight in the first heat race and then the second heat race we didn't have the right set up, so we went out in the feature starting last (18). I worked my way up to the field, picking people off left and right. They kart worked great, I was running 3rd with just two laps to go, I passed for second going into turn one and was still about a kart length behind the leader. I had worked so hard to get up to the front, I wasn't going to lose this race. Coming to the white flag, I got my kart up to the bumper of the leader and I knew it was a now or never move. Going into turn 3 I went high and dove down below the leader coming out of 4 and took the lead coming to the line! Was one of the greatest feelings ever, to work so hard, stay focus and be consistent and capture the win.

Girls Race 2: You are involved in racing ministries. Can you tell us a little about that?

Alyssa: Yes, I just got back from a training seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina with Motor Racing Outreach, ( A Ministry team that reaches out to the different race series around the United States. Most people have heard about MRO involved with NASCAR. I went to this ministry training to become a Motor Racing Chaplin, so I could reach out to more people in the racing community and pray for them, speak words of life in the the lost, and just to be a helpful person for anyone to come to at the race tracks, who may need prayer, advice, a hug, and even a smile. I have felt for the past couple years, God calling me to be apart of a ministry team with in my racing. So last year, I started a little ministry called Christ Driven Ministries. I spoke a couple events and did short invocations on Sunday races. This year, now since I am involved in MRO I will be reaching out to more people a crossed the United States, which i am very excited about!

Girls Race 2: How has being a girl in a boys world affected you? How have you overcome the negative treatment? Do you feel that your fellow racers respect you now?

Alyssa: It is rough, definitely a challenge. I have learned that guys take offence if they get passed or beat by a girl. I have been taking out while leading a race on the last lap because they couldn't stand to get beat by me, a female racer. I have learned to take what I can get, not to get upset when i get they start saying hateful thing about me, threaten me and take me out on the track. I just clear my head, put on my helmet, kneel down beside my kart and pray to God for safety, courage and wisdom before each and every race. Every race is a new race, go out with a positive attitude and forget about all the negative, hateful threats and just race your race. When the green flag drops, it is anyone's race. Just like everyone in this sport, we all have to earn respect from other drivers but I personally think being a female racer, it is harder to gain the respect we deserve.

Girls Race 2: You have been involved in many different sports. Do you have a favorite?

Alyssa: My favorite sport outside of racing is softball. Its so much fun to be able to go outside on a summer day or night and play on the softball diamond with a group of friends. Last year I played on a slow pitch softball team, and I loved every minute of it! Can't wait for this season to start!

Girls Race 2: Why have you chosen a career in racing?

Alyssa: Racing is a sport that gets your adrenaline going and your blood pumping. When you are out on the track going full speed, in race mode, you get this feeling that no other sport that I have participated in gives. Its hard to describe but i know that if your a racer, you understand what i am talking about. I knew when I first sat in the seat and put my helmet on, that I was gonna be a racer, I just knew I wanted a career in motorsports.  God has given me this talent for a reason. So with what God has given me, I am sharing His word and His Love with the world, by shining the light every lap I take. Plus you can meet a lot of great people, reach out to younger racers who may need your advice and help and the racing community is a Family, you don't see the love and support from the community like that in other sports.

Girls Race 2: What is your ultimate goal for your racing career?

Alyssa: My ultimate goal would be to make it to the Camping World Truck series and race my way to the top of the NASCAR divisions, and eventually be able to own my own World Of Outlaw Late Model team.

Girls Race 2: Do you have anyone in the sport of racing that you look up to?

Alyssa: I look up to the Women in Motorsports a lot. Jennifer Jo Cobb is from Kansas and I look up to her, her determination, drive, courage and her fight that she has to stand up for her self and continue to work hard with your limited budget to get out on the track each week and compete in the Camping World Truck Series. She even owns her own Truck team, now that is just Awesome!

Girls Race 2: Do you have any advice for other girls out there in the sport of racing?

Alyssa: NEVER give up, Dream big, achieve your goals and Chase after your dreams! Don't get discouraged when you don't get the finish you were looking for. Don't let the guys get to you, they can be big bullies, not want you out on the track with them and they will take you out because you intimidate them. But don't let them take you completely out of the sport. Racing is not a Male Dominated sport anymore, look and see at all the women in Motorsports  you can do it! Another thing, be your self, don't try being someone your not. Stay focused on your career, your goals and your values. Most importantly Have FUN!

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  1. Alyssa is one of the best female drivers we've had at Batesville. In my time involved with the race, I can think of only one other female driver that might give her a run.