Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Review: Dead Man's Switch

Dead Man's Switch: A Kate Reilly Racing Mystery

Ok so I finally did it...I finished reading this book! It is no reflection on the book by any means..well maybe it is. I really did like this book. If I didn't, I can promise you it would have never finished it. Reading is just not at the top of my hobby list. Tammy did a great job of taking you on the journey of this murder mystery while guiding the readers through the Le Mans racing experience. I feel like I understand more about this type of racing that I was completely unfamiliar with. You felt as though you were in the car with Kate in her racing experiences. Overall it was a quick and easy read. I would recommend it! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the main character, Kate, that pertained to her outlook on females in the world of motorsports:

"In football or hockey the athlete's size is everything. You wear sized equipment and your mass helps you advance or defend. In racing Mike (her male co-driver) and I wear the same size car. Once you get into that car, we're all the same in bulk and power. Racing is about concentration. About always driving the correct line through a corner, driving the car at the edge of it's capabilities, more than it's about sheer muscle mass. Sure, the C6.R is heavy- heavier than most cars- and you can feel that, but it's really well-balanced- besides, I have to manipulate it, not carry it. It's more about concentration, hand-eye coordination, and general fitness than the ability to bench press your own body weight."

"Cars don't care if you're male or female. The strength you need most isn't physical- it's mental. Competing, thinking ahead down the racetrack, and concentrating on just one thing for a couple hours at a time."

You can purchase this book on Amazon. I bought the Kindle version but there is also a paperback version.

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