Friday, February 15, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Isabella Minchella

Isabella Minchella

Isabella has an impressive racing resume at the young age of 11. She started racing dirt bikes at age 6 she won the first race she ever entered. Bella started racing go karts at age 7. To date Bella has won over 12 features (full fields) has won a Hoosier tire championship in 2010 and finished 2nd in 2012. Bella was the first female to win races at both tracks in New Hampshire. Her kart has been features in the 2012 Briggs & Stratton racing calender. One of her greatest accomplishments thus far was winning 4 races at 3 different tracks all in one weekend! Bella currently races at 4 different tracks, Stafford Motor Speedway and Pomfret Speedway both in Conneticut. She also races at Twin State and RT.106 in New Hampshire. Her current ride is a 2011 Wild Thing Tiger Sprint #99 they run Briggs alcohol motors and Hoosier tires. The average field of karts is 13 with some holding as many as 20 karts, most races are 15 laps and some races are as many as 30.

A lot of Bella's success comes from her ability to work on the kart, it has really helped her understand what the kart is doing, she can change the gears the oil and tire stagger with little to no help. Bella along with her older brother, Nathan, both help maintain the kart. Another helpful hint to parents that her father found is that like most kids Bella shuts him off after he over loads her up with driving tips, so he found a female teenage kart driver to help coach her. Together the "coach" and her father watch her laps and then pick a few places to make improvements. Bella really responded to a teenager willing to help.

When asked why she likes to race she says, "It's really fun and I like doing my best." Her favorite thing about racing is all the friends she has made the traveling to tracks and winning big trophies.  Along with racing, Isabella is also involved in cheerleading for Pop Warner football. She is a flyer, which makes her dad very nervous! Bella's future goals in racing is to keep having fun and to make it to the full size cars.

To read more about Bella "Like" her Facebook page under Minchella Racing and more info about Wild Thing Karts can be found at

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