Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Helpful Karting Publication

National Karting News

My husband and father-in-law have subscribed to National Karting News for as long as I can remember. I have actually started reading it as well. I have found some of the articles extremely helpful. I would recommend checking it out.

Here is what the magazine entails..

National Kart News, The Magazine...

Now into our 25th year, we pride ourselves on bringing you the news of karting from around the world. Each month we take you behind the scenes of many of the Events, but more importantly we show you ways to improve your standings and have more fun!

The magazine is a solid mix of technical how-to articles as well as testing and product reviews. In addition, we offer the behind the scenes news through our Company and Driver Profile pieces. Whether you're a mechanic, just like to go fast, or want to know more about the leaders within the karting industry, NKN does that and more!

National Kart News covers every aspect of the sport, from 4 cycles to the extreme Shifters and everything in-between. Each month we bring to you a blend of articles from each of those divisions and wow you with a catalog of action photography.

Just some of the stories you can expect to find each month are: engine tuning tips, carburetor and clutch adjustments tricks, setting up your chassis, tire tests, and Special Issues on Clutch Previews, Safety Apparel and our huge Chassis and Engine Buyers Guides.

If you're serious about winning or just getting started, we are your source for information!

For more information on National Karting News visit their website http://www.nkn.com

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