Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Racing Buddies

Ashlee & Amanda

The first time we arrived at the race track in East Lansing Ashlee was so nervous. She had driven her kart around the parking lot at her father's work, but that was it. Her face lit up when she saw Amanda. She was so excited that she would not be the only girl. They have a great time at the track during and in between races. Amanda's parents were amazing and extremely supportive and still are. What a wonderful gift it is to have people around to encourage and support our little racers.

I am amazed how much these two girls have improved and evolved throughout the season. They have both put in so much work and effort. They are both tough competitors. Each of them have had their day at the top of the podium this year. I am so excited to see them continue to grow and I know they are capable of great things.

Great job girls!!

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