Friday, October 4, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Carissa June

Carissa June

Carissa June loved driving quads at her family home. Her neighbor noticed her passion for speed and sold a kart to Carissa’s grandfather. After some discussion with her parents, that following weekend they were off to the kart track for her first race. Carissa is in her 5th year of racing, the 2nd year racing her slingshot.

The proudest moment that Carissa has had in her racing career is when she won a race for her brother. After her brother was sent off to military boot camp she told him she’d win a race for him when he came back home; and that’s just what she did. Carissa said, “When he came back home, he came to my races and I took first place.”

Everyone has challenges in their career. Carissa has faced the same challenge that many racers do; raising funds to compete in the sport. She is doing her best to obtain sponsors. Another issue she’s had to face is when she tells people that she’s a racer they say it’s all “left turns.” Carissa’s response to this is, “There will always be people who won't see something like you do but if you know that it's more than just left turns then let it be. All that matters is your opinion and if you love what you do.”

Carissa has a few people in the sport of racing she looks up to. One of these drivers is Trevor Bayne. The other is not a household name but has had an impact on Carissa. His name is Steven Reynolds. He is a family friend and after she went to one of his races she fell in love with the sport.

Carissa’s goal for the season is to get at least 1-3 first place finishes at Accord Speedway. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to make it to ARCA and then be able to take it all the way to NASCAR.

To follow Carissa and her career “like” her Facebook Page June Motorsports.

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