Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Madison Campeau

Madison Campeau

Maddie is a 9 year old girl with a passion for racing. Her father raced grand prix road race motor cycles at their local track. There was a kart track adjacent to the track he raced. He asked Maddie if she’d like to try karting. She said yes and according to her mom, “the rest is history.”

Maddie is finishing her 4th season racing karts. This season she began racing in Yamaha Rookie Sportsman and half way through the season she moved up to Cadet and Yamaha Sportsman. Her home track is Pitt Race Karting in Pittsburgh, PA. She also enjoys traveling to compete on a national level. She has had podium national finishes in both the Great Lakes Sprint Series and Mancup in the Yamaha Rookie Sportsman class. After moving up to the Cadet and Yamaha Sportsman classes, she’s had four top ten finishes.

This talented young lady is first in points in the Yamaha Sportsman class and will earn second in Cadet at Pitt Race Karting. There is only one race left and she is locked into both finishes. She also aspires to finish well in the Mancup series.

Maddie’s favorite thing about racing is winning. Her dream is to one day race IndyCar. She admires the late IndyCar driver, Dan Weldon. She had the privilege of meeting him at her first Mancup race at New Castle in Indiana.

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