Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Olivia Thayer

Olivia Thayer

Olivia Thayer is 9 years old. She currently races karts. She was age waivered to Jr. Sportsman 2 Champ and finished 2nd in points. Towards the end of the season she started running a flat kart in Jr. Sportsman 2 as well. This was only her 2nd year racing at Hunterstown Speedway in PA. Next season she hopes to further her racing career by experiencing some new tracks.

Olivia has grown up in a family with a strong love for racing. She would attend sprint car races at our local track, she was taken to watch the karts at Hunterstown, watched every NASCAR race and begged to go to a NASCAR race for her fifth birthday. She attended Richmond and sat watching and glued to the track for the entire race, witnessing Denny Hamlin take the win. After watching the karts run at Hunterstown she said, "I wanna race.”

Olivia's proudest moment in her racing career was receiving the Rookie of the Year award at Hunterstown Speedway last year. Her goal for this season was to win one or more races. That has been accomplished so however the rest of the season plays out, she's still happy to have met her goal! What she loves most about racing- "being behind the wheel, the speed, and learning everything I can."

This young girl has many heroes in the sport of racing "Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Brian Monteith, Logan Schuchart, Jacob Allen, Johnny Eckard, Travis Keiser, Cody Oliver, the Harshmans and many more!" One of the biggest challenges she has faced in her career so far is people close to her NOT believing in her. She didn’t let this get to her. She just simply goes out every race and gives it her all. She says, “You will never please everyone!”

This young girl has been through a lot. According to her mom, “she is much stronger than people realize and has a heart made fully of gold.” When she was only 4 years old she watched in fright as her 1 year old brother seized in her mother’s arms followed by many more seizures in the years after. This is why Olivia chose the color purple. Purple represents the color of Epilepsy awareness. With all of the focus on her brother and his health you would think that racing would be her “thing” and the focus would be on her but she chose to include him in it as well. The first way was by choosing purple as her racing color. The second way was to have her helmet painted with a picture of her holding her baby brother’s purple hand.

To learn more about this selfless little girl and her racing career visit and like her Facebook Page:

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