Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marketing Ideas: Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has been out for a while now. It first started out with some college age kids and now the phenomenon has expanded to many different age groups. It seems like "everyone" is on Facebook. The marketing world in racing is no different. If you've ever considered creating a page for your child or team here is a YouTube video to show you how Don't be intimidated it's really quite easy.

If you already have a page created here are a few places that I've found that have some awesome tips on what you can/should do with your page.

7 Tips and Marketing Strategies for the new Facebok Fan Pages:

Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps And Examples:

4 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Page Reach Without Paying:

Do you have some tips for marketing through Facebook? I'd love it if you could share!

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