Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aubree Finally Worked up the Courage

Aubree's First Experience Driving a Kart

Last weekend we had our youngest daughter Aubree's kart all ready for practice. She was so excited to have her turn. Then the day finally came and she was on the grid all ready to go out on the track and then....freaked out and started crying. All day I tried to get her at least to give it a try. I tried every type of incentive I could think of. She just was NOT going out there.

All week we kept telling her that it wasn't a big deal and everyone started off slow. All along she's been telling her sister how FAST she was going to go, but when it came down to it she was so scared that she would be slow. We had a talk with her that everyone starts off slow and with practice they get faster. 

So today was the big day. She was still nervous and didn't want to get in the kart. I talked her into getting into the kart without the motor on and practicing using the gas and break pedals. Then we had her put her helmet on and practice. Then even though she was still nervous we turned on the motor and had her practice by driving 5 feet then using the break driving another 5 feet and using the break again. Finally she was getting the hang of it so we had her drive an oval around the parking lot.

The funny thing is that after being so scared and nervous about driving the kart, she didn't want to stop after she started. I think she would have been there for hours driving that same circle. We know it's safer to practice at a track so we plan to take her to the track possibly next weekend to practice. Hopefully she'll be comfortable driving again. She just needed a small victory to give her some courage.

Here is my YouTube link of her at the parking lot:

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