Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Wacky Race Weekend

Our Race Weekend June 8th & 9th, 2013

It was a normal race weekend. We were looking forward to going to MRP in South Bend, IN. Friends of ours from our home track were traveling down to race as well.

On the way down my allergies progressively got worse. I was miserable. So miserable I wish I could have just gone to bed and hid under the covers. I got some allergy pills at a gas station and hoped they would work. No such luck. My friend was nice enough to drive me to get some more meds and luckily they worked.

Next we hooked up our generator on our motor home. It started to make strange noises then completely died. Lucky us!! We did solve that problem by hooking up to the electrical service. We'll deal with fixing the generator another day.

Then my nephew went out to practice. Jim had the Go Pro camera hooked up on his kart. Apparently not that well because the camera flew off during practice. After a while of searching it was recovered. That was a relief.

The night went well. The kids went to bed easily and slept all night. The dog behaved as well. I wish I could say I slept that night but my mind was racing. Maybe it was all the allergy meds I had taken that day. Early that morning I was ready to roll. (Anyone who knows me knows that I love my sleep so this is definitely out of my character. I love sleep!!)

I was worried about rain. There was a high percentage chance of rain for that day, but luckily it held off. That was one of the positives for the day. The kids went out for practice before the race. Ashlee's air filter fell off and she ran it over during the first practice. Jim fixed it as best as he could. It held up for qualifying, pre-quals and the beginning of the race. But sure enough the filter fell off again and she ended up getting disqualified. Ashlee's friend also had some unfortunate luck. She qualified 1st, won the heat race and was leading the feature and all the sudden her engine failed. We felt so bad for her as well!!

Positives for the weekend: We had fun and spent time with family and friends, Ashlee improved on some of the bad habits we've been talking to her about, track time is always good, the weather was great, my nephew had a great race weekend finishing 2nd in the Rookie Sportsman class, Ashlee's friend Amanda set the track record for qualifying in Kid Karts, we met some great people, and there's always the next race to get it right and improve :-)

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