Saturday, June 1, 2013

Custom Suits- What We've Learned

Custom Suits

Last year we went with the standard black suit for our daughter. She was really hoping for something a little more stylish however the standard choices did not include anything geared towards girls. After her first season we chose to go a different route for her suit. Overall the end result is good but we wish we would have thought it out a little more. Here are some tips that I learned through this experience.

  1. Check with more than one company as to pricing and product details. Talk to other drivers who have used the company and ask them questions about their experience. Referrals are helpful.
  2. When ordering suits for younger children make sure to discuss with the manufacturer how to measure current sizing but make room to grow. This is something we wish we would have done. Both girls' suits fit but they will only last one season. Custom suits are expensive and we wish we would have taken this into consideration.
  3. When ordering ask what their time frames for completion are. We were told a minimum of 6 weeks. We assumed it would take the full 6 weeks maybe 8 weeks, but that wasn't the case. We ordered at the beginning of the busy season and had to wait 13 weeks for them to arrive. We were definitely disappointed with this timing. Ashlee raced the first 4 races of the season with her old suit. This isn't a big deal but since the new suit will only fit this season, it was kind of a bummer not to get a full seasons use out of it.
  4. Check out other suits designed by the company you chose. Get design ideas and give the designer examples of what you are looking for. The design process of the suits went really well. We took a pre-designed suit and modified it. Axcel Sports was really helpful as to recommending what would and wouldn't look good. They also had great design ideas. Overall we are really happy with the design and look of the suits.

Design Stage 

Finished Project

Suits on the Girls

The company we used was Axcel Sports. Check out their Facebook Page for more info. They have some really awesome designs and options.

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