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Driver Spotlight: Hannah Newhouse

Hannah Newhouse

Hannah Newhouse is a rising star in the racing world. She was ranked in the top 500 drivers in the NASCAR Whelen All-American late model series for 2012. She was kind enough to answer a few questions and share her story.

What type of racing are you currently involved in? 

During the 2013 race season I will be racing full time in a Super Late model traveling series known as Rocky Mountain Challenge Series and I will also be competing full time in the ASA Pro Truck series with both are oval asphalt series. In the truck we will make one start on a dirt track though. If luck turns my way I will also be running a K&N West race or two.

What forms of racing have you done in the past? 

I started off originally racing go-karts at the age of 5. I raced until I was 12 where I collected multiple track and state championships. Then at age 13 I made the jump to full body race trucks. And then last year I was moved into a full time Nascar Whelen All-American late model series and made my first K&N start and super late model start.

What is your favorite thing about racing? 

The adrenaline rush it gives is unlike anything else. You’re within inches of the concrete wall and the car next to you while you exceed speeds of 100mph. It becomes an addiction to where you can’t get enough racing! Also, the people involved are not your average fans and competitors. Us racers and fans are out own breed. We put everything we have into racing and risk it all because it’s something we are all genuinely passionate about.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your racing career? 

My very first time out in my late model last year I went out and won the race. Winning that race broke the record for the youngest female to win a Whelen All-American race. That was only the beginning of my year though. I went on to win 6 races and collect 10 fast times. In my K&N West debut in Albuquerque, NM I became the youngest female to start the race and tied for the highest finish by a female ever in a K&N race with a 6th place finish. Last year, I was also chosen as one of 17 participants chosen from all over North America to attend the Drive for Diversity Combine and compete for a spot on the Rev Racing Team. I also hold the record for youngest person to ever start and win in the ASA Pro Trucks and Youngest female to run with Rocky Mountain Challenge series.

What has been the biggest hurdle that you've had to overcome in your racing career? 

There is always the criticism of being a female in a male dominant sport and I hear all the time “The only reason you are where you are in racing is because you’re a girl.” That statement only pushes me to be even that much more to prove I can race just as well, if not better, than all my male competitors. Also, last year was a rough year but also a very successful year. 2012 was my “Breakout” year because I really got my name out into the racing world but I was having a tough time at my home track and running the local series. In the series I was running, the track owner’s son was also running for a championship and I was an obvious threat. About mid-year the favoritism started to show as unfair calls were being made and unfair and inaccurate accusations were made against my team and me which in turn lost us the championship while his son continued on to win it. It really showed me the realities and politics in racing and that it’s not always fun and games. I left that year with a positive attitude though and used it to add more drive to my goal of succeeding.

What is your goal for your future in racing? 

Just like any other aspiring driver I hope to one day to have a career out of racing and be running in the top NASCAR series. But unlike the others I don’t want to be a female driver that is eventually over-ran by the marketing and drama just because the spotlight is on her. I want to be there to race, and be focused on driving the car and winning because it is what I love and hope to do for as long as possible. I also hope to open doors for other females and leave a path for them to follow as they break their way into the world of racing.

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