Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Driver Spotlight: Stormi Hansen

Stormi Hansen

Girls Race 2: What type of racing do you currently do?

Stormi: I currently race in circle track dirt racing! I compete in the stock car class at multiple tracks. For the 2013 season I received Rookie of the Year and finished 4th in points at Lawton Speedway.

Girls Race 2: How long have you been racing?

Stormi: The 2013 season was my first season to compete for points and race a full season. Although it was my third year of racing in the stock car class.

Girls Race 2: How did you get your start in racing?

Stormi: Racing is in my blood. 

It is not just something I do for fun it is a way of life. Some of my earliest memories are from going to the race track and making long trips for my dad to race his modified or late model. It is very much a family affair as for two of my older brothers and my brother-in-law also race USMTS modifieds. One year I got to attend the Enid Winternationals and they had one of the biggest turn outs of stock cars I had ever seen, I was amazed. I told my dad that night I would have a stock car and I would race at Enid Winternationals. The following year I had my stock car and I was there for the show, I made the A feature and finished 7 out of a over 30 car field.

Girls Race 2: What is your proudest moment in your racing career so far?

Stormi: My proudest moment is just every time I am able to pull on to that track and race. Being able to prove that girls can race and are good is such an amazing feeling. Also knowing how many fans I have in the stands that come just to watch me race, when they come to the pits for autographs an pictures after the races is one of the best feelings a racer can get.

Girls Race 2:  What is your goal for this season?

Stormi: The 2013 season proved to be interesting with many ups and downs but I was able to finish 4th in points which is a great achievement, but I want more. I want to be bigger and better, I want that Championship trophy in my room!

Girls Race 2: What is your goal for your career in racing?

Stormi: I want to have fun.  That could mean continuing to race a stock car or maybe even moving up to a Limited Modified.

Girls Race 2: Who do you look up to/admire in racing?

Stormi: I do not have just one person I look up to, racing has so many great influences. It is such a great sport to be a part of, but the racers I look up to most have to be my two older brothers and dad. They are always there when I can't decide if I should put 12 or 14 psi in my right rear tire.

Girls Race 2: What challenges in your racing career have you faced? How did you overcome your challenge?

Stormi: The one thing I noticed that wasn't really a challenge but more of a life lesson is being a female racer. My first race I knew a lot of the racers but  I think some thought I expected special treatment or that I would just be in there way. Although over the years I have learned respect is one of the most important things, if you show respect you will get respect. I believe in "rubbing is racing" but if I rub you or get in to you on the track I make a point to come find you personally and apologize. There has been a few nights that another racer coming up after the race and offering a simple apology made the night a whole lot more enjoyable.

Girls Race 2: Is there anything unique or interesting about you that you’d like to share?

Stormi: I love working on my car, many people just assume my dad and brothers do all of the work and I just drive but that isn't how it works. I can change gears, swap rear ends, check valves, and just about everything any male can do! If I need help or don't know how to do something my brother will always give me plenty of time trying before he offers help then he teaches me how instead of just doing it for me. 

Stormi’s Facebook Page:  stormihansen86/

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