Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We're Moving Up...


Moving Up, A New Adventure


This is Ashlee's 2nd season in racing. She's 7 years old and qualifies to race in either the WKA Kid Kart or Yamaha Rookie Sportsman classes. Our plan was to finish the season in the kid kart class. We had plenty to work on with getting down the racing line and enhancing her driving skills. We thought this would be best in kid karts. Unfortunately this year has been very challenging. We cannot get her engines to perform and it has left her (and us) frustrated.
We let her start practicing her Yamaha cadet kart. At first she was a bit resistant, she was comfortable in her smaller kid kart. We kept encouraging her to give it another shot. After a few times out she gained confidence and decided she loved it. Now we had the challenge of getting her back in the kid kart.
She's decided she liked the faster new kart. This was great! Now the only challenge, our local track doesn't offer the Yamaha Rookie Sportsman class and she's not old enough to compete in the Yamaha Jr. Sportsman class. What to do??
Luckily a father of another racer found himself in the same predicament and we've convinced the track owner to offer the new class. This will be the first race weekend for Ashlee, her cousin and friend to race this class. She is so excited!!

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