Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Jessie Leigh Hauswald

Jessie Leigh Hauswald

Jessie Leigh Hauswald currently races Hornets, or front-wheel drive cars, on dirt. She's in her 3rd year of racing, but racing has been a long family tradition. Her father raced when he was younger and stopped about the time he met Jessie's mom. 4 years ago he got back into the sport. Jessie was at every race and really enjoyed it. Christmas of that year she received an awesome gift. It was her first race car, a Dodge Neon she nick named Rocky.

In 2011 she started her racing career. She was in love with the sport from the minute she started. Her proudest moment in her racing career so far is when she won her first feature race in fall of 2011. According to Jessie, "It was arguably the best day of my life!" Her goal for this season is to improve her track time and to win more races.

The person who has inspired Jessie the most is her father. Jessie shared, "He has taught me everything I know about racing. He always supports me and cheers me on. He's my personal mechanic and teacher. I look up to him and have so much respect for him as a racer. I have no idea what I'd do without him!"

Jessie dreams of someday racing in the Daytona 500. She said, "It's the only asphalt race that I would love to be in."

Follow Jessie's career on her Facebook Page: Lewis Feller Racing.

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