Sunday, January 13, 2013

Driver Spotlight: Jessica Dana Racing

Jessica Dana Racing

Jessica Dana 
Vice President of Jessica Dana Racing, LLC 
Attends Tumwater High School
Lives in Olympia, Washington
Born on December 22, 1994 (18 years old)

Started racing at 15 (2010)& defeated NASCAR'S Jeff Gordon, Kenny Wallace, Travis Pastrana & other Natl Kart Champions in Karting Events. My Passion & Determination then drove me into SLM Series, with only 20 speedway races in my career i was asked to attend Nascar's Combine in 2012. 2013 - Starting her 3rd season driving in the NASCAR Super Late Model Series, Jessica Dana’s goal is to compete at at the top level of motorsports in NASCAR.

At Jessica Dana Racing, we strongly believe in Jessica’s abilities as a driver and spokesperson. Her precocious demeanor and positive personality instantly shifts into competitive gear as soon as she dons the helmet; benefiting any sponsor’s activities, as she is fully committed to providing her sponsors all of the time and resources necessary for a successful relationship. With your support, Jessica can continue breaking track records  and being an inspiration to young women.

Key Message:

Jessica Dana is an inspiration and a role model for young women. The campaign will reflect a young woman with values that generates positive energy for the Motorsport Industry and the Community that surrounds her.


Jessica Dana’s first objective  is to be part of a NASCAR National Racing team as a Development Driver.


I began racing competitively three years ago, and defeated NASCAR’S Jeff Gordon, Kenny Wallace, Travis Pastrana & National Kart Champions, within my first year. My Passion and Determination then pushed me to step up into NASCAR Super Late Models, and with only 20 speedway races in my career, I have proven to be NASCAR’s next superstar. I’m ready to take the next big jump for my family, team & sponsors by competing in NASCAR K&N Series. “I don’t want to beat the best girl – I want to beat the best GUY in the Sport! Racing is My Life and as long as I continue to learn from mistakes and push for perfection – I Have the Potential to Be First!”

Jessica has many of her friends on her team supporting her. One of them is Kayla Waldron. Kayla started her own marketing Company and help with all the PR & Designs for team JDR. Her business name is

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VOTE for Jess's "Not Just One of the Guys" Champion Video! 

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